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Infinity designed swimming pools are usually constructed outdoors adjacent to a body of water or on hillside properties. In reality the edge of the swimming pool terminates at a weir that is around 1/4" lower than the required water level. A trough or catch basin is constructed below the weir to collect the displacement of water.

Infinity pools are often the most expensive to construct and require extensive structural and mechanical detailing. Since they are almost always built in precarious locations such as cliffs and hill sides etc, sound structural engineering is paramount.The high costs of these pools is often found in the foundation systems that anchor them into the hillsides, however infinity pools can be installed in sloping gardens and do not require the same extensive costs and detailing.

Some of the worlds most luxurious swimming pools are design around the effect of water extending over vast landscapes and into the horizon' for most the infinity design is the most aesthetically pleasing 'outdoor' swimming pool available.

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