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Freeboard/Skimmer pool

Freeboard/Skimmer pool

The freeboard swimming pool also widely known as the skimmer pool has been one of the most frequently built swimming pools in the UK. This particular design enables a more cost effective option than deck level or infinity designed pools. As with the latter the shape and size is left purely up to one's imagination, however it is of paramount importance that the shape of the pool does not compromise the overhaul design criteria.

Generally the upper perimeter is finished with an edging tile or coping stone, the water level is usually regulated around six inches below the pool surround, the distance between the operating water level and its surrounding deck area is referred to as the "freeboard" and it is here that its name derives. The term skimmer is merely an active devise that draws off surface debris and body oils, however the "skimmer pool" is not as effective in surface water removal than deck level or infinity designed swimming pools.

The freeboard swimming pool is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and can be designed around modern and traditional surroundings. 

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