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Deck level swimming pools are designed around the primary function of surface water removal and are regarded as the best circulation system. Such deigns regulate water level with the pool surround, the water spills over a grate and into a transfer channel, the water then runs through a series of pipework and into a balance tank. It is here that the water is removed by the hydraulics and returned to the pool as physically and chemically treated water.

A deck level swimming pool is usually more expensive to construct than say a conventional skimmer pool as the build requirements are slightly more demanding, however a deck level swimming pool offers a very modern and contemporary look making them ideal for the high end new build market.

The overflow channel associated with deck level pools can be covered in many ways, as you can see from the pictures above a highly polished stainless steel grate works well for a more modern look whilst the use of stone grating can also be used for a more traditional setting. In modern deck level pools the use a continuous slot around the perimeter offers a very descreat minimalistic look that makes the transaction from the pool surround look very dramatic. Jet cut reinforced stone and tile of your choice can also be used to create your own customised look with our high pressure water jet cutting service.

We can include automatic covers inside secluded pits and moveable floors to make your swimming pool energy efficient and very upmarket.

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